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Faculty: Vimal | Duration: 23 Hours | 21 Videos | on Linux & Cloud | Prerequisites: AWS and Linux Basics

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DevOps is a term for a gathering of ideas that, while not all new, have catalyzed into a development and are quickly spreading all through the specialized group. Like any new and well known term, individuals have to some degree befuddled and here and there conflicting impressions of what it is. Here's my thought on how DevOps can be helpfully characterized; I propose this definition as a standard system to all the more obviously talk about the different issues. Like "Quality" or "Coordinated," DevOps is a sufficiently substantial idea that it requires some subtlety to completely get it.

A DevOps Engineer can have many roles and responsibilities in an organization. Here’s a list of the roles of a DevOps engineer;

1. DevOps Evangelist: The principal officer (leader) responsible for implementing DevOps
2. Release Manager: The one releasing new features & ensuring post-release product stability
3. Automation Expert: The guy responsible for achieving automation & orchestration of tools
4. Software Developer/Tester: The one who actually develops the code and tests it
5. Quality Assurance: The one who ensures quality of the product confirms to its requirement
6. Security Engineer: The one always monitoring the product’s security & health

DevOps brought Development and Operations teams together and that’s exactly what is expected of a DevOps Engineer. A DevOps engineer (devops training videos) must have the skills to perform both Development and Operational tasks.
  • Knowing your Tech-stack, be it OS, DB, Middleware etc which includes Linux/Windows, Tomcat/Weblogic, Apache/Nginx etc.
  • Having know-how of Build and Deployment process (devops training videos). What to build, how to build, how to deploy etc.
  • Some knowledge about daily Ops activities such as restarts, maintenance, backups etc
  • From tool/technology point of view, there are no “defined per-requisites”.
  • However, in most of the cases, basic knowledge of Jenkins, Ant/Maven, Java, Shell/Python/Ruby is required and some knowledge about Docker/Cloud (AWS), Chef/Puppet etc is an added plus.
The average salary for a Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer is $92,790.

  • For a fresher,It depends on the company you got into and your educational background.
  • If you are from iits/ nits and got placed in tech giants like Microsoft/Amazon/Google, you could get 15- 18 lakhs.
  • If you are graduated from other colleges and got placed in reputed MNCs like TCS/infosys etc you could start with 3-4 lakhs as fresher as like any other technology.
  • But still if you are a fresher and have good knowledge on devops tools, you could easily demand for 7 -8lakhs in a product based companies.

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