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Faculty: Sushanth | Duration: 20 Hours | Version: 2.6 | Development | PaaS based version on Windows & Linux | Prerequisites: windows powershell / git bash

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  Pivotal Cloud Foundry Tutorial Videos
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Cloud Foundry(CF) is an open source project which is trying to build a vendor neutral, cloud native Platform as a Service (PaaS) framework and it has already achieved the goal to some extent. So what is special about Pivotal version of the Cloud Foundry?

Pivotal has been able to add a value chain on top of the standard CF framework with leading open source software technologies. Some of them are developed and contributed by Pivotal and others are independent vendors. The below figure highlights the difference between the standard CF and PCF.
  • Understanding of application development and deployment.
  • This course is aimed at developers regardless of your development language of choice.
  • No specific programming language is needed or assumed.
The average Pivotal Cloud Foundry salary in USA is $53,138 per year or $27.25 per hour. Entry level positions start at $18,525 per year while most experienced workers make up to $90,334 per year.

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